Michał Paprocki – CTO of Euroclear – Using the Force to implement Digital Transformation

How to find the right balance between the traditional model of a company and empowering the employees? How to break the silos without compromising the required security measures in a platform for capital markets?

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode Michał Paprocki, CTO of Euroclear, talks with Hendrik Deckers about challenges of Digital Transformation in a highly sensitive sector of securing financial operations. “We are the Facebook of capital markets”, Michał says and explains how Euroclear is evolving from a traditional model to agile company with strong relationship between technology and business.

Michał shares his view on Automation:

  • Tools for digital workflow substituting paper implemented in a blink of an eye
  • RPA processing of unstructured data
  • Managing automation and having control of it, and then standardize
  • Using creativity, social skills and moral judgment while the data “heavy lifting” is done by technology
  • Combination of RPA and AI

Michał also explains his path towards conscious leadership and how Star Wars saga helps him to bring positive energy to the team.


Published on 15.06.2021

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