Melanie Kehr – KfW – Fighting Corona with agile, trust and close collaboration between business & IT

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode Melanie Kehr, CIO & COO of KfW, talks with Hendrik Deckers about the challenges she and her team had to face when the Corona hit in 2020 and how the digital agenda they had introduced earlier helped to implement the Corona Support Program.

Melanie talks about agile transformation and the three success factors:

  • Platform
  • Agile way of working
  • Cloud technology

Synergy between these 3 elements enabled KfW to cope with the crisis and support the government in the distribution of funds. We need to push the change also through the whole bank. And that's what I need to do in my role, but also my team”, Melanie says and stresses that IT should be a change agent.


Published on 12.07.2021

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