Massimo Rosso - CIO of RAI - The goal is to never stop reinventing

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode, Massimo Rosso, CIO of RAI, talks with Hendrik Deckers about digital transformation in public Italian television. Massimo shares his vision of digital culture understood as natural evolution which requires constant training and adaptation. We are lost without studying, reskilling and improving, he says. Throughout the conversation, this enthusiastic CIO gives an outline of his life philosophy which combines his wide experience in the field of IT with a general reflection on the changing world. According to Massimo, passion, hunger for knowledge, curiosity, finding time to reflect on the present time and stepping out of one’s comfort zone are the keys to catch on to the brave new world.

Watch this interesting interview to learn and be inspired by Massimo Rosso!


Published on 13.11.2020

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