Massimo Fedeli - ISTAT - Digitalizing National Census For Millions of Italians

In the 2 years as CIO of ISTAT (Italian National Institute of Statistics) Massimo Fedeli has led a transformation program which enabled fully digitalized census of about 1.4M Italian citizens - annually instead of every 10 years. The New Digital Census has eliminated over 125,000 tons of paper and saved the ISTAT tens of millions of Euro.

During his career, Massimo Fedeli has been in charge of developing the information system of the Treasury Department and the State Accounting Department at Consip, and previously Head of the Office in charge of developing the tools to support the production cycle at SOGEI. He was a senior consultant in the area of strategic planning and consultancy for Tecsiel, on whose behalf he carried out projects at many large Public Administrations and Banks.

In this episode of Leadership Deep Dive, he talks with Hendrik Deckers about leading such a large scale project, the digital transformation at this traditional, yet data-driven public institution and about bridging the digital divide.


Published on 30.04.2020

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