Marina Bellini – CDO & CIO of BAT – Mastering the data and transforming global company to fit new customer needs

I love IOT, but not because I love IOT is because we love what we can do with IOT. We love what we can do with APIs. We love what we can do with the different pieces of technology, says Marina.

How is digital immersion leveraging innovation? What is more important: inclusion or diversity? Watch the interview and find out!

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode Marina Bellini, CIO & CDO of BAT talks with Hendrik Deckers about the organisation’s transformation journey, creating new channels to directly connect with the customer in a company that has traditionally been an indirect business, the importance of inclusion, cloud-first strategy and practical value of data. Marina and BAT put huge emphasis on sustainability :

  • On the way to become carbon neutral
  • Bringing more customers into the reduced risk products
  • Powering data centers with green energy
  • Reducing plastic & becoming paperless

Marina is a truly empathic leader, demanding, yet always understanding and caring. She is a visionary, who in spite of an amazing career, remains humble. “I just know how much I don't know, and I still have to learn in my life”, she says. Make sure you watch the whole interview and absorb all the knowledge of this expressive digital leader!


Published on 21.10.2021

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