Marco Moretti – CIO of A2A – Technology at the service of sustainability

What is a digital twin and how does it help A2A to optimize the maintenance and increase efficiency? How digital relates to sustainability? Why women are better managers than men in the Digital Transformation journey?

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode Marco Moretti, CIO of A2A, talks with Hendrik Deckers about the future of A2A and the impact technology can have on sustainability. Marco explains what is A2A SmartCity and how the big data digital ecosystem was created to cater for 35 different smart services identified by users. Marco also outlines a 10 years Digital Transformation Plan for A2A:

  • Digital twin
  • Process effeciency
  • Stakeholder management
  • Digital savvy team

Marco is a visionary who believes that a great CIO should not only be the real coordinator of Digital Transformation and innovator who is not afraid of mistakes and changes, but also the person who influences and enables cooperation between different business units.


Published on 30.07.2021

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