Lionel Chaine - CIO Services-Courier-Parcel Division, Le Groupe La Poste. Part 2

Lionel Chaine, CIO of Services-Courier-Parcel Division at Le Groupe La Poste, has been with this French national post office group since 1995. Since becoming CIO in 2016 he has undertaken a daring mission to create and support through IT, several innovative business models and services. He has transformed La Poste's IT organisation with agile practices, reduced the number of legacy applications by 2/3, optimised sourcing structures and enabled truly innovative product development culture, leading to higher employee engagement and making La Poste an attractive place to work for top IT talent.

In this episode of Leadership Deep Dive, Hendrik Deckers and Lionel Chaine talk about the behind-the-scenes realities of this transformation, microservices architecture, about Lionel's daring approach to experimentation and failure, about creating a growth mindset and Lionel's journey as a digital leader.


Published on 27.02.2020

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