Koen Vermeulen – Group CIO of Orange – Changing culture as the most difficult part of Innovation

What is the new style of leadership and why does it challenge you? In what way is smoking similar to changing culture in a big company? Why is Open Source default choice at Orange?

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode, Koen Vermeulen, Group CIO of Orange, talks with Hendrik Deckers about his strategy and view on Open Innovation:

It's a worldwide movement that is ongoing, that requires companies to fundamentally change and to fundamentally rethink and revolve towards new business models and new activities,

says Koen while commenting on the drivers of change for the Telco sector. Learn from Koen how Orange is organizing Innovation:

  • Creating context where connections happen and where people have the freedom to innovate
  • Working with partners and startups (over 500 different collaborations in over 18 countries)
  • Creating 5G incubator where people can test innovation

Dive into this interview and be inspired by Koen!


Published on 28.05.2021

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