Joris van Oers - Managing Director, International Markets at BT - Making the impossible possible

What are the main drivers for change at BT? Where is the organization in the race to net zero? How does sustainability affect security? Curious to know more? Watch the interview and join us next Wednesday, December 7 at 15:30 CET on the 15th edition of CIONEXT where Joris is our keynote speaker!  Register now

In this Leadership Deep Dive interview Hendrik Deckers Joris van Oers, Managing Director, International Markets at BT about the journey towards net zero and sustainability goals in the organisation that is present in over 200 countries and has a team of +20000 people. „When people say that things cannot be donem that’s for me the starting point of saying ‚hey, let’s have a look at it’”, Joris says. Watch the full interview, feel the energy of this amazing leader and don’t forget to join us next Wednesday at CIONEXT.



Published on 01.12.2022

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