Johan Haelterman – Chairman of the Executive Committee – NBN – The essence of standards in today’s society

Johan Haelterman, Chairman of the Executive Committee at NBN (Bureau for Standardisation) talks about NBN as a knowledge provider and how standards can be a source of wisdom.

NBN is a publisher of standards located in Belgium. They are responsible for the development, publication and sales of standards. What NBN does is capture the knowledge of experts and make this knowledge available. Together with its sector operators, NBN acts as the Belgian knowledge centre for all activities related to standardisation. They play a societal role by helping companies, consumers, public authorities and other stakeholders to strive for higher quality within an international competitive context. Today, NBN has a portfolio of more than 42,000 standards. And more than 1,000 are added every year. Both in our professional and private lives, standards are everywhere.

In this Leadership Deep Dive Interview, Hendrik Deckers talked with Johan about the future of standards and what role NBN plays as a knowledge provider. They also talked about different standards and how standards are developed. As well as their purpose and benefits, and the role of standards in the race to net zero.

Why are standards important in business and in society? What is the purpose of standards? How many standards exist? How is the process of publishing standards? What's the role of standards in becoming more sustainable? Watch the full interview to find out!


Published on 03.02.2023

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