Jochen Göttelmann – CIO at Lufthansa Cargo – Running the backbone of German industry

Jochen Göttelmann – CIO at Lufthansa Cargo - is nominated to the EDLOTY Award in the B2B category! Register here: and join us on 1st February 2023 at CIONEXT | Let’s talk Money to find out how the Finalists of the European Digital Leader of the Year 2023 support the bottom line in times of crisis.

Lufthansa, one of the top 10 airlines in the world, was close to insolvency in 2020, while playing a crucial role for the society in the pandemic: transporting medical equipment as quickly as possible. Do current events in the world significantly impact the company’s financial performance and what measures are in place to save money? To what extent does IT help with optimising costs at this difficult time?

In this Leadership Deep Dive Interview Hendrik Deckers discusses with Jochen how the first large-scale cloud project at Lufthansa Cargo – migration to a new booking engine – was planned and implemented and how to manage a large agile team of 60 – 80 developers working on high-complexity projects. They also talked about the Production Planning and Steering environment (PPS), which helps predict shipment flows to up to 14 days, and at the same time is one of the strategies to deal with lack of skilled workforce.

Is Lufthansa’s cloud strategy bringing savings to the company or is it actually more expensive than the traditional on-prem approach? How to make sure security is not affected while escaping legacy systems? Are CIOs becoming “Chief Inspiration Officers” when it comes to innovation? Watch the full interview to find out!


Published on 15.12.2022

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