Jean-Christophe Witz - CIO at Husky Technologies - Building factories of the future

Jean-Christophe Witz – CIO at Husky Injection Molding Systems – is nominated to the EDLOTY Award in the B2B category! Register here: and join us on 1st February at CIONEXT | Let’s talk Money to find out how the Finalists of the European Digital Leader of the Year 2023 use technology to save money “with IT” and not “on IT”!

Husky is a leading global technology company that serves the medical and packaging industries. Operating in over 140 countries, since 1953 Husky has been pioneering technologies that enable the delivery of essential needs to the global community with industry-leading expertise and service.

In this Leadership Deep Dive Interview Hendrik Deckers talked with Jean-Christophe about developing and redefining Husky’s operating model for the Beverage and Packaging Line of Business. This huge program started in 2017 and led to significant changes in the operating model by cutting costs, allowing for breakthrough innovation and confirming quality and speed improvement.

Jean-Christophe explained also how he deals with change management and above all, culture and people change by cooperating closely with the leadership: „This is what I love in transformation and really my passion around seeing teams evolving, setting up first what's the end goal. And what we've done just concretely is working with the leadership to work together to establish what's our future state as a team.” Watch the full interview to learn more!


Published on 24.01.2022

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