Ignacio Cea Fornies, Global GM New Businesses at Prosegur Cash - Technology is the key to success

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode, Ignacio Cea Fornies of Prosegur Cash, talks with Hendrik Deckers about the reasons of the Great Resignation and explains why automating boring, repetitive tasks, removing silos and bringing employees closer to clients could help to retain and attract talent.

People are wired to be motivated by what’s meaningful to them. Not only does purpose bolster employees' wellbeing and engagement, but it can motivate them to catalyse change, says Ignacio. He also reveals why managers should promote diversity and provide a culture where it’s safe for employees to be who they are.

Moreover, the Global General Manager New Businesses at Prosegur Cash shares with us why programming computer games is the thing that brings him joy.


Published on 09.05.2022

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