Hitesh Ramani - CAO at UiPath - Automation-priority for CIOs and CFOs

We can liberate hours and allow our employees to do what they were primarily hired to do. And that's why I think in the era of great resignation automation should be the number one priority for all CIOs and CFOs, says Hitesh Ramani, CAO at UiPath.

Does automation allow enterprises to scale up their businesses? Who is a leader of this process: CFO or CIO? Where and how to implement automation?

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode, Hitesh talks with Hendrik Deckers about benefits of automation and the partnership between CIO and CFO, which benefits the organisation by saving significant amounts of time, money, and energy. And as a result, the organisation is able to scale up faster. Hitesh shares with us how UiPath is implementing automation, how it identifies the internal demand and tools.


Published on 18.01.2022

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