Hendrik Deckers – Founder & MD at CIONET – Community First

Next week, on the 22nd of March, we are celebrating two occasions at CIONET: the 60th birthday of our founder, Hendrik Deckers and CIOFEST – our largest community event of the year, happening simultaneously in nine CIONET countries! We invite you to join a face-to-face event at your local CIONET division by registering here: www.ciofest.com. If you would like to find out more about CIONET, our values, top programmes and the people behind the power of the largest community of Digital Leaders, watch the Leadership Deep Dive interview with Hendrik and join us in wishing our founder a happy birthday!

“I have several passions: one is for technology, and the change it brings to the world, and the other is bringing people together. That’s why I started CIONET in 2005 – it was a very interesting combination of these two.”

In this episode, Anna Andrzejewska asked Hendrik Deckers about the evolving role of the CIO in the past ten years: from supportive to a vital part of the leadership team at any organisation and why highlighting the accomplishments of Digital Leaders is one of the most important goals of CIONET. Hendrik explained the story behind the local community programmes running in each CIONET country, and international initiatives, such as the European Digital Leader of the Year Awards, the CIONEXT and CIOFEST conferences, and the CIONET Cookbook.

How can Digital Leaders and their teams benefit from engaging in peer-to-peer expert programmes such as Tribes? How does CIONET cooperate with top global technology suppliers and other organisations, such as MIT CISR? How did a company founded in a small town in Belgium attract 12 000 members? Watch the full interview to find out!

Published on 22.02.2023

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