Hans Geurts – CIO at VTTI – Enhancing business resilience

Hans Geurts – CIO at VTTI – is nominated to the EDLOTY Award in the B2B category! Register here: cionext.com/16 and join us on 1st February 2023 at CIONEXT | Let’s talk Money to find out how the Finalists of the European Digital Leader of the Year are managing their 2023 technology budgets and what measures are being taken to save money in this pivotal year.

In this Leadership Deep Dive Interview Hendrik Deckers asked Hans how VTTI, a tank storage company, which is a 24/7 and 365, relatively asset-heavy business, can work on its resilience in post-Covid and cybercrime times. Does an organisation’s cybersecurity usually depend on human behaviour or are there other factors that can be excluded to increase safety? Hans also explained how VTTI is becoming a more data-driven company and how building a data lake has helped in using data assets more effectively.

Is sustainability currently one of the core topics at VTTI? What alternatives to traditional fuels are going to be of significance in the nearest future? How to make sure OT and IT cooperate effectively to achieve best business results? Watch the full interview to find out!


Published on 22.12.2022

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