Gunter van Craen - CDIO at Bekaert - Innovation and sustainability in steel wire business

Not many people know that, but Bekaert has had in many cases a lot of patents and the first space shuttle that actually went into space, had Bekaert material on it,

says Gunter van Craen, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer at Bekaert, a global steel wire and coating organisation.

In this leadership deep dive interview Hendrik Deckers talks with Gunter about Bekaert’s strategy on innovation, digital and sustainability. Being a company that’s heavily relying on natural resources, sustainability must play an important role in Bekaert’s operations. Gunter explains how data is used to support the race to net zero. Curious to know more? Gunter was our keynote speaker at the 15th edition of CIONEXT | The Reace to Net Zero where we discussed the sustainability agenda. If you missed the event, make sure you watch not only the interview, but also the recording of the event: YouTube


Published on 15.12.2022

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