Gunnar Hellekson, Vice President of Red Hat - Maximising digital options

Watch this inspiring Leadership Deep Dive episode in which Gunnar Hellekson, Vice President and General Manager for Linux Red Hat talks with Hendrik Deckers about his ERP strategy and Open Source as a way of maximising options.

ERP is the central nervous system of every company. Changing ERP platform into open technology is an opportunity for digital transformation, which gives companies more flexibility and efficiency, says Gunnar.

The Vice President of Red Hat has a unique leadership style. He firmly believes that people should be heroes of their own story. The role of a good manager is to create such a story and emphasise the impact the employee has on the work and the organisation. “I try to tell them a story of the work that they’re doing and it’s a story that they can be a hero in”, he says.

Dive into this interview to find out more about Gunnar and his experience!


Published on 09.06.2022

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