Filipe Teixeira – CIO of illimity – Building the digital bank of the future in 1 year

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode Filipe Teixeira, CIO of illimity, talks with Hendrik Deckers about how in November 2018 he entered an empty office to start a digital bank of the future and he completed the task in less than one year. Filipe talks about his role as CIO - the dream of many CIOs – starting in a greenfield scenario and challenges it brought to him and his team: 

  • Having all the systems operational within extremely limited time
  • Designing architecture from scratch to be able to build business model
  • Having the regulators approve the first Cloud native bank in Italy
  • Signing three strategic partnerships
  • Reaching breakeven in one year and EUR 30 million of revenue in 2020


Published on 25.06.2021

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