Eulalia Nadal - CCO and CIO of GBfoods - Delivering while transforming

The key strength is to keep this startup mindset in the sense of constantly looking how to be more efficient, says Eulalia Nadal, CCO and CIO at GBfoods.

How to deal with the pressure of becoming more digital? How to adapt to become a sustainable business? How to win the best talents?

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode, Eulalia talks with Hendrik Deckers about the constant pressure to adapt businesses to changing trends such as: customers behaviour, digital demands/developments and attracting and retaining talents. Eulalia shares with us where GBfoods is in the process of implementing automation, the internal demand and tools that help to identify the automation processes.

Eulalia talks about the partnership between CIO and CFO. Who is the innovator and who is the controller? How can they work together for automation? Get to know Eulalia's experience and advice! Watch the full interview now.


Published on 17.12.2021

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