Dirk Olufs - EVP & CIO at DHL Express: Architecting a Digital Future of Logistics

We had the pleasure to host Dirk Olufs, EVP & CIO at DHL Express at the panel of CIONEXT | The Fabric of Future-Proof Organisations that we hosted on the 18th of October. Now we’re delighted to publish the #LeadershipDeepDive interview, full of insights from one of the biggest logistics companies in the world!

In this episode, Hendrik Deckers discussed with Dirk about DHL Express's operations, focusing on its digital and customer-centric approach, underlining the role technology plays in improving customer service in logistics. They tackled DHL's IT system evolution, emphasising the importance of innovation in the process. Dirk also delved into the integration of new technologies to enhance DHL's delivery and tracking capabilities, underlining the role of IT in streamlining processes and ensuring efficient service delivery. He explained in detail how the IT organisation is managed globally and underlined the need for standardisation to support global operations effectively.

How does this logistics giant deal with the growing pace of service delivery? What new technologies are key to innovation and staying on top of the game? Watch the full interview to find out!



Published on 13.12.2023

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