Colin Bannon - CTO at BT Business – Global Fabric of Future-proof Organisations

Colin Bannon, CTO at BT Business, is a panellist at CIONEXT | The Fabric of Future-proof Organisations on the 18th of October! Register now  👉 and join us for the discussion on:

✅ How top Digital Leaders architect the businesses of tomorrow? What is the supporting strategy of the future? Do they implement global business services (GBS), and who needs to lead these? What is their IT operating model?

✅ What is the core digital platform strategy and how to select the right components for maximum flexibility and minimum risk, all while ensuring data sovereignty, compliance and privacy?

✅ What’s the optimal IT infrastructure and connectivity underpinning the businesses of the future? How do we manage the cost, performance and resilience of multi-cloud and hybrid architectures, in order to excel in big data, AI & IoT?

In this #LeadershipDeepDive Interview, Hendrik Deckers discussed with Colin his experiences and the complex, evolving landscape of network technology and cloud services in the Telco sector. They spotlighted the key challenge of technological complexity, emerging from swift technological advancements and the transition to multifaceted cloud environments. In order to cope with this complexity, organisations need integrated operational models and cohesive internal structures. The conversation brought Hendrik and Colin to the significance of network architecture and introduced BT’s new innovative service, Global Fabric. The latter aims at establishing an interconnection fabric for cloud and multi-cloud environments, as crucial technologies to support the upcoming digital transformations.

How does Cisco and BT help their clients building a platform-based approach and integrating products together? How did they reduce operational complexity? Is the Global Fabric going to change the way businesses view transformation? Watch the full interview to find out!



Published on 04.10.2023

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