Cindy Hoots - CDO and CIO of AstraZeneca – Doing the right thing and leveraging technology

When you don't have confidence, all you need is a healthy dose of courage, says Cindy.

How do you help people to reach their best? How do you become a true change maker? Watch the full interview and find out!

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode Cindy Hoots, Chief Digital Officer and CIO of AstraZeneca talks with Hendrik Deckers about joining the organization at the eve of Covid-19 pandemic and managing change in the most turbulent times. Cindy emphasizes strong ethics across the organization, a critical enabler for rolling out the vaccine at record speed. Cindy also explains the 4 key pillars of AstraZeneca's 2025 Strategy:

  • Leading with AI and insights
  • Accelerating innovation and delivery
  • Optimizing, not just in IT, but across the company and the entire ecosystem
  • Becoming an even better place to work

Cindy is a visionary with a clear leadership style, courageous and inspirational, yet grounded and result-oriented. "I learned early in my career that the more we focus on people, the more results we get", she says. Make sure you watch this insightful interview and absorb all the knowledge from Cindy, the unique digital leader!


Published on 29.10.2021

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