Christa Koenen - CIO and CDO at DB Schenker - Automation is a driver for change

The more we can automate menial tasks, the more we can free up our employees to do more of the value adding tasks, says Christa Koenen, CIO, CDO & Member of the Management Board of DB Schenker.

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode, Christa talks with Hendrik Deckers about the ways to automate business processes. Christa talks not only about the strategy and challenges of DB Schenker, but also about the benefits of automation:

  • Cost cuts
  • Minimising errors
  • Productivity increase
  • Freeing up employees' time

Furthermore, Christa shares her opinion on the changing roles of the CFOs and the CIOs and their input on implementing enterprise automation. Get to know Christa's experience and advice! Watch the full interview now.


Published on 12.04.2022

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