Catriona Campbell – CTIO at EY UK&I – Living with AI

Catriona Campbell – Client Technology & Innovation Officer at EY UK&Ireland is the author of the intriguing book “AI by design: A Plan for Living with Artificial Intelligence”. She is our keynote speaker at the CIONEXT conference on 26 April 2023 sponsored by UiPath. In this #LeadershipDeepDive interview Hendrik Deckers interviews Catriona about her projects, leadership style and innovation at large.

“We have to transform business and for that we need to have the capital investment, the technology infrastructure and the talent for this”, says Catriona Campbell who frequently stresses the importance of people in the great business puzzle.

From Catriona’s experience we learn that AI needs to be carefully harnessed for the benefits of humanity, with ethical issues and the guardrails deeply encoded into its core. EY innovates close to the client, with a people-facing, accessible, and scalable approach. Automation is certainly another important factor in the journey towards the future and Catriona praises the progress in that field.  

What is the double diamond methodology in innovation? Does the Goldie chatbot at EY know all the answers? And finally, should we be afraid of AI? Watch the whole Leadership Deep Dive Interview with Catriona Campbell to learn the answers and get to know Catriona in the challenges she faces in the jousting field of innovation.

Published on 13.04.2023

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