Carsten Trapp, Head of Corporate IT at Zeiss - Leveraging technology to be more precise and faster

Do we have to be afraid of technology in our daily lives in the future? How the way we work is changing and what does ''the workplace of the future'' mean? Watch the interview and find out.

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode, Carsten Trapp, Head of Corporate IT of Zeiss Group talks with Hendrik Deckers about (i) adapting to new technology trends, (ii) implementing a workforce transformation and (iii) putting IT and Digital teams working together (Digital Power House). Carsten shares his view on leveraging technology to embrace automation and make life easier with ''robotisation''.

  • UiPath technology & Center of Competence for using RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • Personal Robots
  • AI and machine learning

Carsten follows his personal mantra in his work life: ''love it, change it or leave it''. He believes that if you love the things you do, you have a big chance to succeed. He describes Zeiss as a family-oriented organisation which makes it stronger as well as an organisation who wants to serve for a purpose.


Published on 17.12.2021

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