Breno Gentil - Senior Director Digital & Technology at Heineken - Thriving in a fast-changing world

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode, Breno Gentil of Heineken talks with Hendrik Deckers about his ERP and cloud strategies. “We believe that ERP is still a super important part of any digital backbone of any organisation. It carries a foundational role, it’s the heart of the company,” says Breno.

He also reveals why IT should be involved in business decisions and why networking is essential for IT professionals.

Speaking with startups and experts, and connecting with CIONET and others is important, so you can always see what's changing outside and you can bring the best ideas inside your company, says Breno.

Moreover, he shares with us the advantages of living in different countries and cultures, and why meditation helps him perform better at work.


Published on 02.06.2022

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