Bart Kerkhofs - VP IT Bridgestone EMIA - Towards the Future of Mobility

Bart Kerkhofs, VP IT at Bridgestone EMIA, will join us on the 18th of October at CIONEXT | The Fabric of Future-Proof Organisations! Register now 👉 and don’t miss the discussion on how top Digital Leaders future-proof their organisations by re-architecting their businesses, platforms, and infrastructures.

With a retail colossus status of 6,000 outlets spanning Europe, the Middle East, India, and Africa, Bridgestone is widely recognised for its premium tyres. However, it’s not just about manufacturing anymore. The company has embarked on a journey towards becoming a tech-centric giant.

In this #LeadershipDeepDive Interview, Hendrik Deckers discussed with Bart the shifts in the automotive industry, driven by CASE vehicles (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electrified), and the organisation’s transformative journey to re-architect the business from a pure manufacturing entity to a sustainable solutions company. Bart explained three pillars that were key to Bridgestone’s success on this journey: the Digital IT Backbone, the Digital Operating Model Change, and the Creation of the IT Partner Ecosystem.

While discussing their implementation approach, Bart mentioned an "evolutionary over revolutionary" strategy and described Bridgestone’s Fleet Care service, their "cloud-first" focus, and the creation of the Enterprise Platforms Team.

Is development tool democratisation a key focus for Bridgestone at the moment? How does the company maintain its commitment to sustainability and innovation? How are their current platforms leveraged to achieve better business results? Watch the full interview to find out!


Published on 14.09.2023

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