Barbara Poli – CIO & CTO at GNV – Changing the status quo and bringing in the change

How do you transform a ship into a hospital in one week? What is “Control Tower Program” and how did it transform the GNV business model? Watch the interview and find out!

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode Barbara Poli, CIO & CTO of GNV Grandi Navi Veloci talks with Hendrik Deckers about the dramatic transformation of the organisation’s business model, challenges they faced when the Covid pandemic hit Italy and the world and the company’s successful effort to turn a ship into a Covid hospital in roughly one week. Building the ship-hospital presented some serious challenges:

  • Ensuring the continuous transfer of data from the ship to the hospitals
  • Technical issues with cabling the ship
  • Setting up the video surveillance system, software system and the complete workstation for health care personnel

“I like to define myself as a person that likes to change the status quo”, Barbara says and shares with us her unique leadership style. Make sure you watch the whole interview with this extremely positive and inspiring digital leader!


Published on 05.11.2021

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