Arlene Buehler – CIO/CDO at DB Cargo – The fusion of business and IT

Arlene Buehler, CIO/CDO at DB Cargo is the keynote speaker at #CIONEXT, our flipped virtual conference next week, April 26th. Register here and find out how top organisations are driving innovation!
In this #LeadershipDeepDive Interview Hendrik Deckers talked with Arlene Buehler about the challenges DB Cargo faces. With 31 000 employees and operating across Europe and in China, DB Cargo is the biggest rail freight provider in Europe. „One train can replace 52 containers”, Arlene pointed and this translates to a gigantic reduction of CO2 emissions. Bringing more traffic from the road to rail is DB Cargo’s mission enabled by Automation and Digitalisation.
„I’ve always been a big fan of business and IT fusion”, says Arlene. And she brings this motto into the organisation. She puts strong emphasis on close communication and collaboration by creating communities and being sensitive and open to the challenges the business and partners are facing. „I'm also a believer that we should not reinvent the wheel. There's a lot of good practices from our competition, but also from our partners. And I'm also a very big fan of co-creation.”
Having lived and worked across four continents, it is not surprising that dialogue and effective communication are key elements of Arlene’s leadership and management style. 
How does Arlene see the success of innovation? How can AI detect train damages? Can DB Cargo have an Amazon-like interface? What is DB Cargo’s data strategy and what role AI plays in it? How to achieve work-life balance in today’s world and why is it so important?
Watch the full interview to learn more and don’t forget to join us online on April 26th and watch Arlene with fellow panellists at the next CIONEXT conference. Register here
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Published on 20.04.2023

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