Anna Maria Ricco, COO at AXA Italia - Harnessing the power of digital transformation


How to remain successful in the era of digital challenges? Watch the Leadership Deep Dive interview with Anna Maria Ricco, COO at AXA Italia to find out!

If you really want to transform your company, you need to change its DNA, says Anna Maria.

COO of AXA talks with Hendrik Deckers about the company's digital transformation journey: replacing legacy systems, cloud migration, and extracting value from data. Anna Maria also shares her views on the role of IT in sustainable development and the core values that can transform the business.

Furthermore, she explains why she never gives up on things until they work and why the role of a leader is to build a climate that allows everyone in the company to be the best version of themselves. Dive into this interview to learn more and be inspired by Anna Maria!


Published on 11.08.2022

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