Angela Jenner - Transformation Director of BT - Innovation is about having a culture of curiosity

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode, Angela Jenner, Transformation Director of BT, talks with Hendrik Deckers about Open Innovation and her 20+ years journey of delivering technology.

I think that at the heart of innovation is having a culture of curiosity,

Angela says and stresses the importance of collaboration, empowerment, diversity and inclusion.

Learn from Angela on how to organize Innovation:

  • ensure close collaboration between the applied research team and the delivery arms of the organization
  • bring together customers and suppliers to work with engineers and solve problems together
  • facilitate smooth agile transformation
  • enable hybrid process by mixing agile with traditional delivery of products and services

Throughout this conversation, Angela also shares her view on 5G and real lifetime value it can bring to our everyday activities. Dive into this interview to learn and be inspired by Angela Jenner!


Published on 18.05.2021

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