Meet The European Digital Leaders Of The Year 2020!

Published by Marta Bogacz
June 29, 2020 @ 5:11 PM

At CIONEXT last Friday we announced the European Digital Leaders Of The Year 2020 in the Finance and Public sectors. Now we have the incredible pleasure of introducing all this year's winners to you - once again, or finally, if you haven't had the time to learn about their accomplishments!

Congratulations to EDLOTY 2020 Winners

Finance Sector

Dr. Anke Sax - for being a Digital Leader with 30 years of experience in the Finance sector - for inspiring constant growth, empowering people to achieve great business results, being a thought leader in leadership, organisational transformation and never settling for less than ambitiously maximising value on both the IT and business side of financial services.

Public Sector

Erwin Verstraelen, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer at Port of Antwerp - for astonishing achievements in turning the key port for European economy into an innovation hub: building strategic partnerships with cutting edge technology companies, growing the startup ecosystem and building the digital DNA of the Port. Also - for consistently striving for greatness in his career and leading his teams to embrace change and set the bar ever higher.

B2B Sector

Rui Pedro Silva,  Head of Product, e-Commerce Logistics at Maersk - for changing Maersk's IT department - a team spread over 14 countries - from an unstructured waterfall organisation of low transparency and even lower reputation - into an agile, data-driven organisation focused on employee empowerment, generating value for customers and delivering on promises.

B2C Sector

Geert Standaert, Chief Technology Officer at Proximus - for radically transforming the IT landscape of Proximus applications, integrating different technology stacks to drastically improve operational efficiency and unify customer experience. And for revolutionizing technical support with a small team and advanced predictive analytics.


LEARN MORE from Anke, Erwin, Rui and Geert - about their accomplishments and leadership philosophy - on


Thank you to all the Finalists, who have shared unprecedented wealth of knowledge and took us on one of the most insightful and content-packed journeys in the history of these awards (and perhaps most awards of this type):



Lionel Chaine,    Le Groupe La Poste, now BPI France
Arnaud Coustillière,    French Ministry of Armed Forces
Luis Engrossa,    ICNF - National Institute for Conservation of Nature and Forestry
Sergi Girona,    Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Sebastian Jaworski,    BGK - Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego
Martijn Stegink,    Greenpeace International
Markus Schmitz,    Bundesagentur für Arbeit



Martin Bellamy,    Financial Conduct Authority
Manuel Bento,    Euronext Technologies
Saverio Ferraro,    BNL BNP Paribas Group 
Sofía Rodriguez-Sahagún,     BBVA
Eelko van Leeuwen,    ABN AMRO Clearing Bank
Geert Van Mol,    Belfius Bank & Insurance



Günther Ghijsels,  Randstad Group Belgium
Nino Messaoud,  BW Papersystems
Miguel Teixeira,  Renault



Charlotte Light,  Channel 4
Armando Laurenti, CIO, Bulgari Group
Konrad Jezierski and Jarosław Hoffmann, eObuwie


Thank you for the inspiration and the experiences that you've shared with us! We hope to get even more opportunities to learn from you and we're proud to have you in our community!

Until then - Make sure you've watched all the Finalists' stories on CIONET.TV!

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