Tomasz Blicharski – EVP & Board Member at Żabka Polska – Revolutionising retail with autonomous stores

Tomasz Blicharski – EVP and Board Member at Żabka Polska, Managing Director at Żabka Future – is nominated to the EDLOTY Award in the B2C category! Register here: and join us on 1st February at CIONEXT | Let’s talk Money to find out how the Finalists of the European Digital Leader of the Year 2023 increase their wallet and market share to help bring the best possible business results to their organisations!

Żabka is a convenience services ecosystem based in Poland with over 9000 convenience stores. Its innovative approach to the younger generation of consumers resulted in opening the biggest chain of autonomous stores in Europe. During the pandemic the company expanded its business by launching a daily catering service and a SaaS marketplace for catering providers.

In this Leadership Deep Dive Interview Hendrik Deckers asked Tomasz how to create accessible autonomous services, attract new consumers using innovation and design digital products – Apps in particular – that catch the eye of the clients, create buzz but also inspire long-term loyalty. They discussed Żabka’s digital transformation which started off with data analytics, machine learning and AI, and how these tools are currently used to optimise store locations and product offerings.

What are Tomasz’s predictions for the future of retail and convenience services? How to make sure innovations are customer-focused and bring value to the business? Watch the full interview to find out!


Published on 10.01.2022

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