Piotr Słomianny, CIO & CFO at MPWiK Wrocław S.A. – Using technology to save water

Take a deep dive into Leadership Deep Dive interview with Piotr Słomianny, CIO & CFO of MPWiK Wrocław S.A. and learn how technology enabled Piotr and his team to implement an extensive water loss reduction program.

I am worried that our civilisation is developing at a very different pace. For example, in some places like Wroclaw, we implement wire wireless water metering system using IoT, but we have to remember, and we have to be aware that on our planet, over 2 billion people still don't have access to drinking water. And I think that such huge disproportions may cause even more conflicts in the future, says Piotr.

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode Piotr talks with Hendrik Deckers about the Smart Flow Program which is a direct response to both growing demand for water and limited access to fresh clean water. By developing software that identifies leakages and potential failures of the water distribution system, MPWiK plans to significantly reduce water losses. What is more, this software is now being commercialised and used in other Polish cities. Dive deep into this interview and learn how technology can make sustainability possible!


Published on 18.08.2022

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