CIONET Spain Round Tables

CIO Round Tables 

We organize the best Executive Round Tables! 

CIONET Executives Round Tables are a unique gathering of our CIOs, CxO, Digital Leaders members  in form of breakfast, lunch, after work wine degustation or dinner.

Each Round Table provides an even closer peer-to peer executive knowledge sharing. During 2.5 or 3 hours the digital leaders enjoy reception and networking time, always in private rooms and with an U seating arrangement so that the dialogue is more fluid and there are no parallel conversations

For Each Executive Round Table:

  • CIONET and the Exclusive Sponsor of the Round Table will define the topic of interest
  • CIONET proposes the design, title and content of the invitation to be approved by the partner
  • CIONET sends the invitation to its community
  • CIONET performs the necessary follow-up and reconfirmations for each invited member
  • CIONET Commits to seat no less than 8 CIOs / Digital Leaders from Business wish list for the Round Table

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