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This Web Conference will showcase insights and an understanding how companies can fully leverage and implement innovation using remote delivery.

The new “digital first” reality brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic reveals the risks for teams associated with prolonged periods of distributed remote work. Businesses need innovation the most at this time, and are desperately looking for new ways to not only keep their pre-COVID pace of innovation, but also accelerate it in their pursuit of competitive advantage in the new emerging business realities.

Explore how your organisation can benefit from the insights presented by Alex Chubay, CTO SoftServe

Discuss with our Panelist Ben Rafferty , Chief Innovation Officer at Semafone, Antonina Skrypnyk, Head of Financial Services Lab and Ralf Reich of SoftServe as well as with your peers how to best apply this approach in your organisation.


We proudly present you our speaker and panel members for this exciting Web Conference about Digital Innovation in Distributed Remote Teams:


It goes without saying that innovation in most parts resides in teams located physically. Indeed, in isolation from other factors, physical proximity may not only better facilitate serendipity of creative ideation, but also positively impact post ideation team work overall. On the other hand, team co-location requirements often comes with additional constraints on locally available talent pool, and putting talent location as a priority over talent quality and availability.

When executed properly, practices like remote discovery workshops are far more scalable, powerful, and exponentially less expensive to execute. These digital native workshops enable collaboration beyond a span of local teams and empower companies to assemble a dream team of global experts—focusing investments on talent, not travel.

SoftServe's CTO, Alex Chubay, will walk you through how his teams of battle-tested digital Centers of Excellence (CoEs) empower enterprise clients in their distributed digital innovation journeys.



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