The journey to enterprise automation has been long and largely unproductive. ERP, business process redesign and workflow automation have produced little to no productivity improvements over the last two decades. But are things about to change? CIONET’s recent report on emerging techniques such as robotic process automation, AI, and low code/no code suggest that a revolution is in the offing. Like the development of cloud over the last decade this is likely to become chaotic until the CIO exercise control over platforms and tools. 
This 2021 CIONET research, in partnership with UiPath, interviews 15 leading CIOs and surveys into the CIONET community. It addresses the role and responsibilities of the CIO to accelerate and orchestrate the fundamental changes that the deployment of intelligent automation brings along and analyses where new automation tools are heading and how they might be harnessed.
Expect answers to some of the questions below:
• What are the imperatives to accelerate business automation?
• What are the different approaches to intelligent automation?
• Where does intelligent automation sit within the CIO’s agenda?
• How are RPA and associated tools being applied today?
• What is the CIO’s role in intelligent automation?
• What are the next steps towards the fully automated enterprise

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