Due to the increasing pace of change, rising customer expectations, and the turbulent past years, the term business resilience has moved up to the top of priorities of business leaders.

Business resilience is the ability of an organization to absorb the effects of shocks and adapt to a changing environment. It isn’t limited to recovery from disasters like fires or cyberattacks. It encompasses dealing with any internal or external event that could impact or threaten the organizational ability to achieve its mission. No entity is immune to such events — COVID-19, climate change, AI — which may individually or collectively impact or even threaten an organization’s existence.

Business resilience is a mind-set, and must be addressed from the very top of the organizational leadership. It requires principles and mechanisms that are cascaded across the business operational model and monitored for effectiveness.

But it triggers a lot of questions, like how do you know your organization has it? What is needed to be business resilient? How can you go beyond reactive and become more pro-active? How do you know that you are about to be impacted…?

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This delectable dining experience will take place in a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere at two Michelin star restaurant Aan de Poel.

2 Michelin star Restaurant Aan de Poel
Handweg 1
1185 TS Amstelveen

Aan de Poel has 50 reserved spots and 
paid parking (free from 4:00 PM) and nearest parking garage: 'Gemeentehuis' at 200 meters"

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