Monitoring devices, such as sensors, wearable and ingestibles, are providing real-time and continuous data about our health and our environment. mHealth solutions allow to coach the patients along their care pathway. AI and predictive analytics assist medical professionals to provide more accurate diagnoses, deliver personalized treatment and predict risk or deterioration and intervene early. The Digital Transformation is redefining the future of healthcare and health delivery. All stakeholders are convinced that these innovations will create value for patients, healthcare practitioners, hospitals, and governments along the patient pathway. The benefits are ranging from prevention and awareness to diagnosis, treatment, short- and long-term follow-up, and ultimately survival.


But how do you make sure that you are working towards an architecturally sound, secure and interoperable health IT ecosystem for your hospital and avoid implementing a hodgepodge of spot solutions? How does your IT department work together with the other stakeholders, such as the doctors and other healthcare practitioners, Life Sciences companies, Tech companies, regulators and your internal governance and administrative bodies?


During this Circle Meeting, we want to start co-creating a supportive framework for hospitals in their journey towards digital health monitoring and define the key components of a playbook that allows hospitals to kick-start and/or sustain their digital implementation by leveraging specific tools, methodologies and lessons learned.



We invite you for a productive discussion while having a great dinner together with your peers.

Restaurant De Schans By Mike en Wes
Willeskop 87
3417 MC Montfoort

Restaurant De Schans

A nice restaurant, great ambiance, that's all we need for a productive dinner discussion.  We will have complete privacy during the get-together in our private dinning space.

Parking and Public Transport: De Schans has a spacious private parking area. Our restaurant is easily accessible from the A12 and A4 via the N228 by car and by public transport. The bus stop is nearby.

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