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CIONEXT is a unique opportunity to learn from the most successful Digital Leaders in the world.


In this edition of CIONEXT we'll go beyond the topic of talent and discuss how "Big Talent Champions" of the Latam region are facing the challenges of people.

Despite the extraordinary challenges in finding tech talent, large traditional corporations cannot succeed in the digital world without being technologically sound. This is not possible without the right sources of technology talent.


For this reason, developing strong people and talent strategies is among the highest value priorities for large organizations. Technological talent, therefore, must be the top priority of the CIO and, without a doubt, also of the CEO and the Board of Directors.



Join this high-energy conversation and celebration of great digital leadership!

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CIONEXT | Finance & Public Edition - June 26th 2020CIONEXT | Customer Centricity & Award Ceremony Edition - September 16th 2020

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