For this edition, CIONET has enriched the Regatta 2023 programme with two new elements:

First, the 2023 edition includes a competition between six CIONET boats from its four coastal countries bordering the North Sea: Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, and the UK.

Secondly, you are invited to an exclusive CIONET VIP Night, the evening before the official Regatta Sailing Competition. It will be an enjoyable CIONET networking event with more than 30 CIOs from the four participating countries. An inspirational speaker, a musical ensemble, delicious fresh seafood, and socialising amongst digital leaders will surely make it a night to remember!

The next day, we will join the 6th edition of the LCL North Sea Regatta in Nieuwpoort!. We expect beautiful weather, perfect wind conditions to raise the sails and big rolling waves to add excitement to the 3 stages of the regatta race, where 25 boats will compete for victory.

During this Regatta Programme, you will experience an agreeable VIP Night, an exhilarating sailing competition, followed by a delightful evening barbecue.

A great event to connect and enjoy.

Oh, and rest assured : neither previous experience nor sailing skills are required. ;) 

⚓ Nieuwpoort

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