Cyber crime & How to deal with it.

Hackers and cybercriminals are constantly evolving their tactics and business models to stay one step ahead of the latest cybersecurity measures. In order to protect and react in a proper way against cybercrime, it's important to understand how these criminals operate and what their business models are. By learning about the  'ecosystems, methods and motivations of cybercriminals, businesses can better understand the risks they face and develop effective strategies to defend against them. So, let's explore how understanding  cybercrime can help you organize your cyber  strategy. 

How mature are Belgian companies in terms of cyber security? We researched the matter and bring you the answers. 

The company TVH has been the victim of a ransomware cyber attack on 19 March '23. Thierry Driesens, TVH's CIO will personally testify how they lived through this cyber crisis. We will then discuss in depth his experiences with a panel of top experts.   




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Salons Van Edel
Wilrijk (Antwerpen)


Salons van Edel is an event venue in the renovated Hof Terbeke castle in Wilrijk, near Antwerp and in the vicinity of Brussels, Mechelen, and Ghent. Salons van Edel stands for a first-class venue with plenty of indoor and outdoor space and first-class service and cuisine.

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