Our digital identity and integrity have become as precious as our physical identity and integrity. This is true for “us” as individuals, as companies or organisations, or even as countries. Data and digital flows are the foundations of our social functioning and primary source of value in the global digital economy.
Still, a handful of Mega-Tech companies have been able to extract, monopolise and monetise our data over the last two decades. More than 90% of Western data is hosted in the US. Geopolitical actors use digital technology and data increasingly as tools of power. Legal initiatives such as the US Cloud Act or the Chinese Surveillance Legislation give their governments unlimited access to our data abroad. A cyber arms race is ongoing using a wide range of techniques, from blunt nation-state cyber-attacks to sophisticated social manipulation. In short, digitisation has made us as individuals, as businesses and as countries very dependent and vulnerable and hindered in capitalising on our own assets. 
As a result, individuals, organisations and governments are re-evaluating their external exposure and launching digital sovereignty-related initiatives to maintain or acquire physical and digital control over their strategic assets, including data, algorithms, and critical software.

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