As the cloud continues to evolve, there are different visions on what the future of the cloud will look like. Some experts predict the demise of on-premise, while others believe the future will be hybrid and or multi-cloud. Some even speculate on the emergence of a new cloud 3.0. in the near future. While there is no consensus on what exactly Cloud 3.0 will look like, it's generally believed that it will build on the advances of the current cloud models but offer new capabilities and functionalities, be more intelligent, secure, flexible, and more interconnected than previous versions.

With so many different visions on the horizon, it's important for businesses to stay informed and understand the implications of these different models. During this event, we'll explore the different visions on the future of the cloud, and discuss what they could mean for your businesses.



Join us on  and get groundbreaking insights from 25 digital leaders! Introducing the CIONET & Deloitte Cloud Monitor -"Unlocking Cloud Insights in Belgium!"

We're diving deep into the Belgian landscape! CIONET Belgium and Deloitte are on a mission to explore:

1️⃣ Why companies are adopting cloud tech. 

2️⃣ The types of workloads they're harnessing. 

3️⃣ How they're shaping and governing their cloud strategies.

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