A Smarter Business

AI and data-driven decision-making can transform businesses by providing insights and automating processes. However, successfully implementing these initiatives requires not only careful planning, but also a culture that embraces experimentation and continuous improvement. Our Speakers and Panellists will explore how businesses can integrate AI and data into existing processes, ensure data quality, identify the necessary skills and expertise, and foster a culture of experimentation and learning. Join us to discover how AI and data can help businesses achieve their goals and stay competitive!



We invite you to investigate with us how some of your peers defined and implemented a strategic approach to building an AI and data-driven culture, enabling their businesses to unlock the full potential of AI and data to drive growth and innovation.


Colruyt Group Headquarters

We invite you to see the behind the scenes of Colruyt, a Belgian family business with a rich history spanning over three generations. Today, the retail giant employs nearly 33,000 workers and operates in three countries. Despite its size and success, the group still maintains the traditional strengths of a family business, including passion, expertise, simplicity, and efficiency.

Colruyt Group Headquarters

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