With so many new digital channels and tools emerging, and taking into account how dramatically the pandemic changed the way we work and live, it is inevitable that customer expectations have changed too.

Ultimately, the customer should choose the journey, the channels, and the level of customer intimacy he or she accepts, expects or requires. This represents a major challenge for sales, marketing, customer services and for all channels.



Program of the event.

During this exclusive dinner at Uurblauw, we will investigate how you can reconcile the urge for a 360 customer view, for understanding and predicting the current and future behavior of your customers with their (possible) reluctance to share information, their preferences for communicating through specific channels and their need for privacy. Let's have a look  at how IT, Sales and Marketing within leading commercial organisations are coping with this dilemma. And how they manage to automate and orchestrate this constantly moving paradigm.




Uurblauw is situated in the heart of Leuven. Their kitchen focuses on fish from the North sea and surprising combinations with local seasonal products, wrapped in an original presentation. All of this combined with a stylish interior and their beautiful garden make for an unforgettable experience...



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