Building software products is an investment in the future, but not without risks.

  • What if products don't connect with the audience as intended to?
  • What if that new revenue you envisioned isn't achieved?
  • What if you don't give it a shot?
These kinds of concerns are common for business leaders and they're why great planning and great partners are so critical.

Join us during a virtual cocktail event alongside Andres Angelani, author of the book Transforming while Performing, Maaike Rijkers and Fred Van Pouderoijen, both Head IT within the Payments Domain at Rabobank. We will discuss transformational partnerships, lessons from the book, and what it means to "engineer outcomes."


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Andres Angelani is the Chief Executive Officer of Softvision. He has extensive experience building strategic partnerships that create new revenue streams, realising innovative business models and market offerings through new ways of developing software; building high performance teams and the right culture to bring the best of what design and technology have to offer to industries. Andres is a frequent speaker and thought leader.

Maaike Rijkers and Fred Van Pouderoijen are both Head IT within the Payments Domain at Rabobank. They will talk about the transformation Rabobank went through.

To avoid webinar fatigue and to ignite the team discussion you will receive a box with 3 cocktails and 1 mocktail.

We are confident that this will be an inspiring and fun event.


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