Technology Business Management, Chargeback, Showback, FinOps, … Many IT spend and value management techniques have been introduced, but how do you get optimal grip on your IT spend as well as the business value generated? 


Nearly every business has gradually become a digital business. Business leaders readily embrace technological innovation to meet strategic and operational goals, but balancing cost and growth remains challenging. Most organisations are experiencing some form of budget constraints and need to make smart choices. But which decision criteria do you use to prioritise and how do you achieve maximum value? 



During this CIONET round table, we will bring together a dozen Digital Leaders with expertise in this domain. Together, we will talk about how to

  • Create transparency of IT costs throughout the organisation, while maintaining a continuous dialogue between IT, Business and Finance; 
  • Align choices and priorities with regard to cost optimization and return on investment;
  • Calculate and communicate the Business Value of the IT investments made;
  • How to get transparency on the costs related to AI initiatives, relying on expensive infrastructure to train and run the models, whilst maximising the value realised;
  • Give the organisation the ability to develop responsible IT consumers and users.

Sébastien Delautre, Division head Technologies Management Services / CIO Office at Euroclear, will share his story to get the conversation started. Peter van Loon, CEO of It’s Value, will elaborate on how to combine FinOps and Technology Business Management. Together, we will zoom in on Spend and Value Management for AI initiatives.


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