Artificial Intelligence can't unload a truck or make overstock disappear. Still, making the supply chain system ‘smarter’ can drastically improve the financial and operational performance of the whole organisation.

In today's volatile economic times, companies realise they need data-driven, fast, or (nearly) real-time systems that can make them react very quickly or even proactively to the changing markets.

Today’s AI-technologies claim to be able to make supply chain planning make a major leap forward towards end-to-end intelligent autonomous supply chain planning systems. Systems that can boost the company's performance and ensure that the business can continue to compete and thrive, no matter what the future brings.

Still, many companies have a long legacy of planning and supply chain specialists who are often quite isolated from the organisation's IT department. 

Is it the CIO's job to knock on their door to ensure that the SCM or planning department and the entire company embrace those new technologies? Is it the CIOs' role to make them think differently and convince them to spend time testing and learning to implement such planning solutions eventually?


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During this exclusive dinner we will discuss whether the implementation of autonomous supply chain planning is a common mission of the CIO and the SCM team or just a technological illusion and mission impossible for the CIO.

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La Route

Next to the beautiful and lovingly renovated barn that has been owned by the Peeters family for generations runs the old railroad line 52/2. This used to be actively used. On the current parking lot there was a signal box, popularly called the "route house", its occupants ensured a safe crossing of train and passers-by.

La Route
Ooievaarsnest 11
2870 Puurs - Sint-Amands

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